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Carol Mae Anderson

April 1, 1944 - October 6, 2000

Twenty years since you left us, we all still miss you greatly.

Beverly Ann Austad

March 9, 1931 - October 21, 1996

Wow - it's been 24 years that God called you home. Being #6 I only had you for 29 years. I wish I had you longer. I love you, still missing you. Please give Jimmy a hug and kiss from me and Elvis too. From Your Caboose Mary Beth

Kay Lynn Balk

1/27/47 - 10/25/96

We celebrate today the sweetness of knowing you. Loved and sadly missed, Dave, Katie and Heidi.

Edward Berset

10/2/1928 - 9/4/2015

Happy Birthday Ed, You were the BEST husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. We all love and miss you so much.

Leon Arthur Boeckermann

October 9, 1958 - June 3, 2019

Leon, today, on your birthday, and every day, we grieve for you. You battled depression for years. We couldn't find a way to help you. Your pain became unbearable, so you ended your life. Your death leaves such a hole in our lives. We will always love you and miss you. Your family

Johnny Canton

10-4-1941 - 10-4-2020

They are never really gone from our lives as we keep their bright lights shining in our memories!" Lots of Love from your Significant Other of 34 Years Janie!

Michael W. Fuehrer

10/17/67 - 1/31/12

Happy Birthday My Beloved Son There are always heartaches and many tears, but always a precious memory when I think of you. Love Mom

Butch Hanson

10-21-68 - 1-14-19

Celebrating your birthday again without you here. You're in my thoughts every day. I love and miss you brother and my best friend. Happy Heavenly 52nd!! Love, Jason

Kate A. Holland Knickerbocker

Five years ago, we went on separate paths in the story of our lives. Remembering your spirit, smile, faith and your belief in the good of people have helped us make it through difficult years of separation. We miss you Kate. Thank you for being part of our lives. Dad, Mom, Ellie, Scott Tom, Will, Greta, Piper

Donovan V. Jacobson

Donovan V. Jacobson Remembering my dear husband, Don Jacobson, who passed away 27th of October, 2017. Thinking of you with love always, Anne.

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